Ann Cole Lowe

Ann Lowe was born 1898 in Clayton, AL. She was the great granddaughter of a slave and plantation owner. Fast forward to 1917, Anne enrolled in a fashion school in NYC where she was shunned by her white classmates. Of course being the strong woman that she is after graduation she opened a salon in Tampa, FL and returned to New York in 1928 and became apart of the New York fashion establishment in 1950. 



Ann Lowe was “The first African American to become a noted fashion designer”. In 1953, she designed the ivory silk tafetta wedding dress worn by Jacqueline Bouvier when she married Senator John F Kennedy. This dress is the most photographed wedding dress in history. She also designed John F. Kennedy’s suit for this special occasion. Her customers also included the DuPonts, Roosevelts, Posts, Biddles, Rockefellers, Auchinclosses just to name a few listed in the Social Register. She was known as “society’s best kept secret” because she was a black woman. 





Making Money For Good

People always think the beauty and fashion industry never gives back and all they do is create products to make more money. In 1985 the cult Canadian brand was created and are known for being fearless and outspoken when it comes to their makeup products. Years later, the founders of the company Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan collaborated with MAC artist to create the MAC AIDS Fund to provide help for the community living with HIV and AIDS. “Since 1994, MAC has raised over $270 million primarily through VIVA GLAM products”. For every lipstick sold, 100% of the profits are given to men, women and children around the world living with the disease. “The idea of VIVA GLAM was to celebrate life and the outspoken attitude of the company”.

The fund brought awareness to a disease that was effecting all ages, all races, and all sexes. They use celebrities as spokespeople for their national campaign in addition the spokesperson is given creative power to create the color of the lipstick and lip glass that represent them. The spokespeople they choose are heroes we look up to for their personal triumphs and positive influents on the communities. There have been over 20 spokespeople my personal favorites are Ru Paul who was the first spokesperson, Cyndi Lauper, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Elton John. “We’re working to ensure that under-served and marginalized people and communities, including sex workers, injection drug users and gay men have access to the prevention, treatment and care programs they need and deserve”.



Now this year MAC is kicking off the VIVA GLAM campaign with Caitlyn Jenner as the spokesperson and in my opinion the ad is very dull and so is the color. This is not the usual VIVA GLAM marketing and lip colors we all expect and love, I hope the next person/lipstick they choose is better than Caitlyn Jenner’s.


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Smarty Pants

Yesterday was the Honors Convocation at the Art Institute of Las Vegas. I myself made the Presidents Honor Roll and to do that you had to get a 4.0 GPA. I was also awarded a scholarship for $1,000 that will support my education journey in fashion.



Rainbow Unitard-  Minga London

Shoes- YRU x Dolls Kill

Unicorn Weekend




I have been dying to wear this amazing jacket dress from Venus. We have all seen this look on celebrities and if your anything like me you have to try it out on yourself. I found this jacket dress from a very moderate price point online retail store called Venus (link is below). I have been a Venus customer off and on for about three or four years now but in the past year I have been a more consistent customer and receiving gifts from my mommy (who doesn’t love fashion gifts). They have amazing customer service that really makes you appreachate the brand and not to mention their super cute staple pieces that pair great with anything in your closet that defines your personal style. As much as I love color I decided to go black and white because I’m also a woman that loves edith head.

Jacket Dress- Venus
Shoes: Wild Diva
Clutch: Skinny Dip (TopShop)

Oh yea, I also made a cameo at Las Vegas Cut and Sew that was held at Zappos HQ. I only stopped by to watch my friend Candace paint she’s super talented and I will be posting some of her art work here on Haus Of Unicorn. Here is a video from my SnapChat story, follow me (Unicorn.Hustle) and i will follow you back :).

MAGIC: Tell Your Fashion Story

Being a student at The Art Institute has its perks, I get access to amazing websites like Women’s Wear Daily and WGSN. We also get to attend WWD MAGIC Market Week and sometimes our instructors give us an assignment to do so we have a way of getting to know the convention and for me it helped me promote and market Haus of Unicorn. Attending MAGIC gave me knowledge into the business and showed me how to be a contender in the industry. I exchanged information with the head of the bloggers lounge, spoke with WGSN representatives and was constantly stopped for a photo (which was pretty awesome).    


My friend Tara Tracy and I had the pleasure of attending Ron Cates seminar about growing your business with Email and Social Media. Ron is a Digital Marketing Expert (Social Media, Email, and More) for Constant Contact. His seminar was very informational and hes such a funny guy I could listen to him speak for hours. He is very passionate about what he does and loves sharing information to give us the tools to be successful. Ron also does the Digital Marketing for the hit show Bar Rescue which gives him major cool points. 


Most importantly I paid my favorite shoe brand YRU a visit and it was the most amazing experience I have ever had with a brand. Of course being me I had to dress as if I was the brand even though this was a normal outfit for me. The whole team was so nice and loved my style we discussed a lot about their new spring items and my love for their shoes because I own over 13 pairs and my collection is still growing. Expect some great editorials in the future from me to promote and showcase YRU shoes. 







Shoes: YRU; Qozmo Unicorn

Skirt: Happy Monday; Emoji Hearts 

Top and Blouse: Thrift Store



When traveling its very important to capture the moments of your experience and always remember to pack a staple skirt/bottom that goes well with different tops.

Unicorn Living

Princesses Vacation

Working with other models and photographers is something I am always trying to do. I got a great opportunity to style my good friend Shawntay who is an up and coming model here in Las Vegas. I love buying all types of clothing because my styling capabilities surpass most people in the industry.

For this editorial I was inspired by the elegance of a princess and the breathtaking feeling they give people while in their presence. The best part about this shoot was our interaction with the children they were so excited to meet real princesses and were amazed by our dresses.

Pink Dress: Glam Factory Vintage

White Dress: Bebe

Photographer: LJ- @Lramosphotography

School Work

Last quarter I volunteered to do a window display at school for the culinary department to promote a cooking competition, well that one display turned into two window displays. With the help from one of my favorite teachers we successfully completed it. I think it looks pretty awesome, what do you think ?




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