The Substance:
Fashion. Art. Fairy-tales. Lifestyle. Color.      

Who am I? 
Hey Everyone,

My name is Avery Simone. I am an innovative artist that goes by “Unicorn” from northern California’s lovely San Francisco Bay Area. Currently I am attending the Art Institute of Las Vegas to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Retail Management.  Yep, that’s right I relocated to the desert, which is a huge difference from the Bay Area. I deliver out of the box concepts for web and print based editorials for a wide range of products. My unique sense of style is a combination of street chic and vintage accents, which keeps everyone waiting to see what I will put together next. “Avery “Unicorn” Simone embodies dynamic versatility and has the most amazing styling capabilities, her charismatic personality allows her to grasp opportunities which keeps her in high demand and sets her apart from the rest” (Perth-Style Blog).

Tell me about the blog:
Haus of Unicorn (born 10/13/2015) is the product of my two past blogs: Beyond the Seam (11/2/2012) and Unicorn Hustle (02/10/2015). With three years of blogging/social networking experience and now learning new techniques from my instructors at school I have created a quite successful website. Haus of Unicorns mission is to show the versatility of trends within the industry, create a hub of fashion based content, and to foster the lifestyle of those empowering, stylish, career driven, risk taking fashion collectors.

What is a Haus?!
In German it means a bro, pal or person that is the best at everything. I decided to take that name (Haus) and combine it with my spirt animal the Unicorn, super legendary and full of cuteness. The ultimate goal of Haus of Unicorn is to build a team of creatives to produce fashion shows, event productions, art work/ design events and anything else that is rad to do in a super fly outfit. I would like my dream team to be experts in photo/videography, fashion design, sound and engineering, and anything else super wicked and artistic.