Even though I am living in Las Vegas and my mother is in Oakland, I can still show my love and appreciation for her a la distance. What’s special about mothers day to me is I was born on May 11th and that day happened to be mothers day as well. Every 6 years (I believe) my birthday falls on mothers day and I feel so special to share that day with my incredible mother. She is so strong and amazing I am proud to be a her daughter.

Happy Mother’s day mommy, I love you.   

Mother’s Day ’14

Here are a few photos and videos from her visit to Las Vegas, NV back in February. I took her out to a comedy dinner theater show in Downtown Las Vegas, Marriage can be MURDER. It was such a fun experience and I had a great time with my mommy.    



On a different night I took her to my favorite restaurant Casa Di Amore, I think it became her favorite as well.


Then she smoked in doors and gambled, I’m pretty sure she got the Las Vegas experience.


Love you mommy.