I know I don’t come across as the girl that likes sports, but I LOVE basketball. I played all throughout high school and 1 year at City College of San Francisco. The first team I ever fell in love with was the ’00 San Antonio Spurs and a lot of those players are still on the team to this day. I like the origination and their defense. I have to thank my older brother (Akilah) for influencing my basketball knowledge and growing my love for the game. Yes I am from Oakland and yes I have been a Warrior fan pretty much my whole life but it was the draft of Stephen Curry in ’09 that made me a die heart fan.


If you don’t know Curry has been out for the past 2 or 3 games due to injury. They are now in round two of the playoffs and they are playing the Portland Trail Blazers, and killing them without Curry. Last nights game was a nail biter but we pulled through in the end a won by 11 and now the warriors lead the series 2-0.


They next game will be in Portland this Saturday May 4 at 5:30pm and its rumored that Steph will play this game, I am excited to find out.

Here are some pictures from me at the Thunder at Warrior game in Oakland, earlier this year in February.