As you all know I am studying Fashion and Retail Management at the Art Institute of Las Vegas today is the last day of my winter break and awkwardly enough I am actually very excited. Last quarter I finished with a 4.0 GPA which I am overly joyed about and I hope to work twice as hard this quarter.

Over the three week holiday break I took it upon myself to travel and relax which was must needed, getting a 4.0 is not easy work. Even though I was on break from school I didn’t take a break from Haus of Unicorn. My first trip was to Los Angeles and I had a great time with my friends we went out to different restaurants, movies and of course SHOPPING.



I was blessed enough to have my friend Tara that also studies Fashion and Retail Management at the Art institute to accompany me on my Los Angeles adventure.

Tara took some great photos of my monochromatic blue look, thanks Tara.





My good friends Allen and Jamal let me take some photos of them before we went to dinner.