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Created this mood board about spring/summer 17 fashion trends in Seoul (Capital of South Korea). Leave some love below and tell what what you think.


*Images are not mine, Photoshop editing is mine*

Purses X3


I am her, and she is we, connecting with all people from different walks of life through her love of color. The genuine feeling of renewal graces my body as I embrace the power of the color green. Her home is between the seams and shes inspired by the colors of the rainbow. Life holds no boundaries and neither should your fashion.

Welcome to Chronic Fashion, Freedom within your style.  


Footprints In The Sand


The unicorn in the rainbow swimsuit, left her negativity in the sand with the help from her favorite bunny. They went on an adventure in Mexico experiencing new things that brought them closer as friends. Love, passion and desire were the elements of their adventure.

Photography Diary Entry (1)

May 24, 2016

Last week a good friend of mines Liko, who is a talented artist from Hawaii and attends the Art Institute of Las Vegas with me let me take a series of photos of him just because it was Wednesday. He has an amazing since of style that would make you think hes a fashion student, but hes an audio student which is super cool. Liko makes his own music, can open your mind through his words and keep you interested because he comes up with a costume to match. You can see more of Liko on his Instagram @liko95style if your in Las Vegas you should see him perform hes always posting his latest gigs on social media.

I wanted to show you some of the photos unedited before I post the complete series in the Wardrobe Styling section so you can see the skills I am developing behind the camera and on the computer editing.


Comment below with your thoughts, I love hearing what you all think.

Behind the camera

Sometimes I enjoy capturing moments from my perspective and also creating sets to take photos of. I am mostly inspired by color, emotions, and my friends. Here are some photos I took while in Mexico.


As I move forward in my education at the Art Institute I find myself enjoying Adobe Photoshop. I think the program gives creative freedom and adds a personal touch to your image. Here are some of my latest pieces of work (photography, setting and editing done by me).

YRU Collection
YRU Shoe Collection
Broken LOVE.1
EDC Unicorn 


I created both of these images from scratch to use as a background. 

Happy Mothers Day

Even though I am living in Las Vegas and my mother is in Oakland, I can still show my love and appreciation for her a la distance. What’s special about mothers day to me is I was born on May 11th and that day happened to be mothers day as well. Every 6 years (I believe) my birthday falls on mothers day and I feel so special to share that day with my incredible mother. She is so strong and amazing I am proud to be a her daughter.

Happy Mother’s day mommy, I love you.   

Mother’s Day ’14

Here are a few photos and videos from her visit to Las Vegas, NV back in February. I took her out to a comedy dinner theater show in Downtown Las Vegas, Marriage can be MURDER. It was such a fun experience and I had a great time with my mommy.    



On a different night I took her to my favorite restaurant Casa Di Amore, I think it became her favorite as well.


Then she smoked in doors and gambled, I’m pretty sure she got the Las Vegas experience.


Love you mommy.

Warriors x Blazers

I know I don’t come across as the girl that likes sports, but I LOVE basketball. I played all throughout high school and 1 year at City College of San Francisco. The first team I ever fell in love with was the ’00 San Antonio Spurs and a lot of those players are still on the team to this day. I like the origination and their defense. I have to thank my older brother (Akilah) for influencing my basketball knowledge and growing my love for the game. Yes I am from Oakland and yes I have been a Warrior fan pretty much my whole life but it was the draft of Stephen Curry in ’09 that made me a die heart fan.


If you don’t know Curry has been out for the past 2 or 3 games due to injury. They are now in round two of the playoffs and they are playing the Portland Trail Blazers, and killing them without Curry. Last nights game was a nail biter but we pulled through in the end a won by 11 and now the warriors lead the series 2-0.


They next game will be in Portland this Saturday May 4 at 5:30pm and its rumored that Steph will play this game, I am excited to find out.

Here are some pictures from me at the Thunder at Warrior game in Oakland, earlier this year in February.




Greenstitch Fabrics Fashion Show

This past Saturday I had to pleasure of modeling in my friend (Matu) fashion show for her company (Greenstitch Fabrics) that was held at the Velveteen Rabbit in Downtown Las Vegas in honor of Earth Week. She creates and sells organic fabric also she designs clothing from the fabric (which is so soft and comfortable). She featured other designers (from my school The Art Institute of Las Vegas) as well that made garments out of her fabric, so people can see the design perspective through others eyes. Knowing where fabric comes and who made it is her passion that inspires her. What about you?




I have to give a special thank you to my best friend since 6th Amanda Townsend for taking these awesome photos.

Follow Greenstitch Fabrics on Instagram @Greenstitchdiva

Take Me Back Tuesday

I feel like I discovered a piece of myself while I was in Mexico this past January. I was so inspired by the lifestyle of the Mexican culture I even broke my non-dairy/vegetarian diet for those 9 days (I felt like horrible when I got home).

On this day we rented some ATV’s and took a day trip to the waterfall (for photo shoots of course).

After a day of riding in the sun and playing in the waterfall, it was time to relax with a drink and the sunset. I thought it was so cool that the bar on the beach was called lazy daze and it matched my mood at the moment.



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